With the beginning of July we are fully in summer mode here at Bowtown Music. Most of our students are taking a break from regular lessons and with their families, heading up to the mountains or further out into the corners of the globe. Those who are staying close to home will enjoy the best season to be in Calgary and many are keeping up with music lessons by enrolling in Band Camp.

For those who have never tried our Summer Band Camp, you are in for a terrific week of learning to play music with other like minded budding musicians. Not only is it a learning experience, it is amazingly fun. Just ask any of our previous campers. It is one thing to be working on a song or piece of music by yourself but to learn to work together to create the sound of a full band is exciting and rewarding.

Past campers have not only worked on music but have also developed other aspects of being in a band, like coming up with a great name and creating a poster for promotion and advertising. And last of all, they will perform and record a CD which will be packaged in a sleeve designed by each camper. Taking part in the Summer Band Camp may be the highlight of the entire summer, so let’s get together and make some music!