After a bonus month of a very mild November, December has arrived with a cold blast of Arctic freeze. Welcome to winter in Calgary!

This month I want to talk about music lessons and recording. One of the most difficult issues to providing lessons has to do with maintaining a staff of great, dedicated instructors. It is both positive and negative that most of our instructors are young people. As with most people in their twenties, they face many challenges and changes in life’s circumstances. So we are often faced with instructors who, for one reason or another do not stay as part of our team. When this happens we are not only faced with having to find a replacement but it is often difficult for the younger students to lose their instructor. So it is part of our task to make sure that a new instructor is not only qualified, but a good fit with the students.

Earlier this year we were hired by an agency out of Texas to record voices to assist in the development of the Microsoft Cortana voice recognition software. Part of the requirements for being part of this project involved specific technical qualifications which included having a soundproofed room. We were pleased to have one of our studios pass this test and have the recording process go forward. So we are very pleased to have played a small part in the evolution of new technology. This also means that we have a studio which complies to strict audio standards to meet the demands of the publishing industry for those who wish to record audio books or any project which requires these exacting standards.

Before I sign off, I just want to announce our special Holiday Season specials with 5% off any item in the shop for all of our students from now until Christmas, happy holidays!