It is almost December and another Christmas just a few weeks away. We have been busy at the shop doing our own shopping to make sure we have enough of everything our customers are going to want, not just for themselves but for those great gift ideas to put under the tree or in the stocking.


Among the most popular items that we have seen people purchase this year has to include ukuleles. There seems to be no letting up on how this small musical instrument has captured the hearts of so many people. And it is no surprise, since it fulfills many requirements wanted in instruments. Having only four strings, the ukulele is remarkably easy to learn how to play. It is a perfect accompanying instrument for all those great songs everyone is singing these days. And best of all, it is small enough to pack anywhere you go whether you are flying, driving, walking or biking.


There are four basic sizes of ukuleles. Sopranos are the smallest, then concert, tenor and baritone. The increase in size affects the tone of each instrument, concerts and tenors are usually deeper and richer. Tone also depends on the quality of materials used to make each instrument. The least expensive instruments are usually made from plywood whereas the higher quality instruments are made from solid wood, usually mahogany or other exotic woods. Of course we at Bowtown Music have a very wide variety of ukuleles, ranging from beginner models to advanced instruments for the professional or serious players.


So come visit our shop in Kensington. We think you will find the perfect gift for those special people in your life. And as it has been said so many times, the gift of music is one that keeps on giving. A beautifully crafted instrument can be a treasure generation after generation.