Here at Bowtown Music in Calgary we have just completed our first week of regular fall lessons. Beginnings in general have their challenges and this one was no exception. But thanks to our great staff, all of the issues were taken care of, students who were on the schedule arrived and teachers were happy and excited to start.


Over the years I have had many students talk to me about their frustrations with trying to learn how to play on their own. As many people do, they question the benefits of taking lessons. Understandably, there may be some doubts about one’s ability to learn and concerns about how long it may take to gain the kind of skills involved. So this is my response to those who may be thinking about taking lessons and hopefully I will be able to answer some of those issues.


The first and maybe the most frequently asked question is “how long will it take to learn how to play”? There are several ways to answer this question. One is that it depends on how much you practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I will also answer the question by saying that it will take as long as it takes but, as with many things in life, it’s the journey, not the destination. So that part of my job as a teacher is to make the process of learning, enjoyable, fun and rewarding.


For those who are just beginning or thinking about beginning, I will say that this is a very difficult stage. The most difficult part of this stage is not knowing what to practice. You may be eager to get going but what do you do? This alone may be the best reason to take lessons. Teachers have been through the process of learning so are able to get you started in the right direction with the basics. Our teachers are hand picked not only for the qualifications and skills required but also for their patience and inspirational approach.


I hope this has helped those who are ready to start or have children who have taken an interest in learning how to play music. It is never too late!