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“Making music happen for you” is our way of saying we are dedicated to giving each student the best possible experience in learning to play music. Our instructors are qualified professionals, chosen for their supportive, patient, positive attitudes as much as their talents and skills. We offer lessons in guitar, piano, singing, drums, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, and violin. Our state of the art recording studio is ready to help you take your talent to the next level and make your aspirations come true!

Visit our music store in Kensington, NW Calgary for affordable, quality musical instruments, books and accessories. We carry a great line of guitars like Washburn, Jay Turser, Fender and Beaver Creek, ukuleles made by Makala, Mahalo, Lanikai, Kala, Hilo and Diamond Head. Looking for a tuner, strings, harmonica, percussion instruments or guitar strap? We’ve got it!

So you have learned to play an instrument, sing and write some songs. What is the next step? If you want to share your music with the world you need a CD or at least some form of recording. Maybe you have tried to sing and play in front of your web cam or into the microphone of your laptop and find that it just does not sound good enough. How can you get your recordings to sound like the pros without spending thousands of dollars in a professional studio?

Did you know that it is now possible to make high quality recordings with almost any modern computer, a decent studio microphone and a multi track recording program at a cost of only a few hundred dollars? Unfortunately having the right equipment alone will not guarantee good results. It takes lots of practice and know-how as well.

We, at Bowtown Music, are offering private classes and coaching sessions to get you on your way to the CD you’ve been dreaming of. We can help you learn to run the program, mix and edit, even arrange your music the way you would like it to sound.

Call us today and begin your journey of producing quality audio recordings and getting your music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and more!