Booking a Recording Session $150.00
**A down payment of $75 must be paid before coming into the studio.  It will be applied to your session upon completion**

Recording – Two Hours Minimum $75/hr.
Be prepared to take up to twice as much time for mixing than recording.
**All recording sessions include one CD.

Additional Mixing $75/hr.
*That can’t be done in the 2 hr. session.  Your recording session includes a professional recording engineer to provide you with optimum recording services.  This does not include the engineer’s time following your two hours of recording.  It is recommended you book an additional 2 hours for the recording to be listened to and tweaked by the engineer.
Additional mix down will only be done with the consent of the client. *

Producer/Arranger/Accompaniment $50/hr.
Additional CD’s $10 each
Custom CD Labels $50/hr.

**Average cost for recording and mixing a demo quality track is $300-$500 per song**
***Average cost for recording and mixing a master quality track is $1000-$2000 per song***

Music Video – $50 per song