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Music Lessons Calgary November 2016

Hello from Bowtown Music and welcome to our November blog where we talk about all things musical like instruments, lessons, and one of my personal favorites, recording studios. This month I would like to talk a bit about our recording studio and some of the new...

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Summer Band Camp Calgary

With the beginning of July we are fully in summer mode here at Bowtown Music. Most of our students are taking a break from regular lessons and with their families, heading up to the mountains or further out into the corners of the globe. Those who are staying close to...

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Band Camp Calgary

With the arrival of summer it is time to organize our third annual summer band camp here at Bowtown Music in Calgary. This year will be better than ever with new instructors on board to guide and inspire our young camper musicians. Band Camp is open to kids of all...

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Ukuleles A Perfect Musical Gift

It is almost December and another Christmas just a few weeks away. We have been busy at the shop doing our own shopping to make sure we have enough of everything our customers are going to want, not just for themselves but for those great gift ideas to put under the...

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In Canada, as soon as a work is created, it is automatically copyrighted. However nothing is ever that simple. If your work is copied by someone else without your permission, you may have to prove that you own the copyright and this is where things may get ugly and...

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New Recording Studio In Calgary

While not entirely new, a lot has changed at our Bowtown Music Recording Studio located in Kensington, Calgary. Our engineering room and our sound room have had major face lifts and sound improving materials going on walls and ceilings. We have also adopted a very...

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Right Age to Start Lessons

One of the most frequently asked questions from parents of small children is about the appropriate age to start lessons. I believe there are two main factors in deciding what the right age may be. The first has to do with how well the child is able to focus attention...

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