Even though this winter in Calgary has been relatively easy, it is good to have it behind us and be on to a gorgeous spring. And with spring we have begun a brand new semester of music lessons here at Bowtown Music.

There are often new additions of students, teachers, instruments, books and accessories associated with spring and this time is no exception. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new students and teachers. From the smiles on everyone’s faces as they come out from their lessons, it is clear that our new teachers are a hit. Parents seem pleased as teachers provide feedback and suggestions for practice studies at home. We take great pride in the talent and skills of our instructors, but more important is their ability to give each student a sense of commitment, engagement, excitement and passion for music. Whether it is piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, singing, banjo or mandolin lessons that are the focus of musical aspirations, we are dedicated to provide the very best experience for each individual who comes through our doors.

It is also with great pleasure to announce that we are still able to provide excellent audio recording studio services in Calgary at very reasonable rates so come check out our studio for your needs if you are interested in recording your music. We also continue to provide expert piano tuning and servicing. Please give us a call or come to our bright, colorful shop where you will find great deals on instruments, books and accessories with friendly staff to help you find everything you need.