In Canada, as soon as a work is created, it is automatically copyrighted. However nothing is ever that simple. If your work is copied by someone else without your permission, you may have to prove that you own the copyright and this is where things may get ugly and costly. So in order to protect your intellectual property there are several things you can do. First, register your work with the CIPO, the Canada Intellectual Property Office. You can fill out a form on-line and it will cost you $50. This only registers the title so the next step would be to join an organization like the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) and send them a recording of your work to be registered with their Canadian Song Vault. This at least means you have a large organization to help you if you have any issues. Also get registered with a royalties collection organization like SOCAN so that you can get paid for your music being used by others. Getting your work published is also necessary because royalties are divided between the songwriter and the publisher. Anyone can create a publishing company and register with SOCAN.